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Over ten years ago, Sapper Labs set out with the intent to collaborate to fundamentally reimagine and transform how people thought about privacy, security and defence in the physical, cyber and cognitive domains. Sapper Labs Inc. (est. 2006), Dark River Systems (est. 2010), and Sapper Labs Cyber Solutions (est. 2020) have now been combined to become Sapper Labs Group (est. 2022). We are a poly-disciplined team of professionals with a shared vision and passion for ensuring the safety, security and privacy of Canadians. Sapper Labs is a Canadian company based with office locations in Ottawa, ON and Fredericton NB and Saskatoon.  We remain as passionate as ever about helping to shape the future.


Sapper Lab values talent and a world-class poly-disciplined team of subject matter experts. The team combines cutting-edge technology, talent, and tactics, with deep mission experience in human right s investigations , journalism, deep field research, military, intelligence, peace, safety, stabilization and security operations. We adopt a human-led, technology-accelerated approach to intelligence, cyber security, privacy, and defence that leverages a network of professionals and partners.  Our team is decisively engaged in operations that make the world a better place.

Meet The Team

Apply Today

Our team is looking for diverse critical thinkers, investigators data scientists, penetration testers, cyber threat hunt operators, software code developers, and open-source intelligence analysts. Applicants must be a Canadian citizen with the ability to qualify for a security clearance. Operational experience desired.

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