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Human-Led Technology Enabled
Intelligence and Cyber Defence

Sapper Labs is a veteran-owned, intelligence, and cyber company focused on provision of special products, services, solutions, and training to trusted clients and partners. We operate a unique capability to defend critical infrastructure, enterprises and human rights from the world's most sophisticated threats in cyberspace and the information domain. Sapper Labs is committed to transparency and truth, protecting organizations and ensuring peace and stability, safety, security, privacy and prosperity through our advanced intelligence, analytics and investigative products.

Advanced Intelligence products that augment human insights and decision making for executives, operators and investigators. Better insights, Better decisions, Better Effects. Active Cyber Defence leveraging expert capability and automation against the world’s most advanced cyber threats.​

Made in Canada 

The Issue

Cyberspace has become fertile ground for malicious actors to operate with impunity. The rapid expansion of the information domain has created an open and creative environment upon which modern economies are now built, but privacy and security have quickly fallen behind. Advanced persistent cyber threats, dis-information, foreign interference and influence overwhelm conventional security and privacy solutions.

Our Advantage

Sapper Labs is built upon a poly-disciplined team [talent], integrated processes [tradecraft] and unified tools [technology]. This human-led intelligence is accelerated by automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


We bring together recognized experts with special operational experience from investigative journalism, human rights work, deep field research, financial auditing, forensics, privacy practice, engineering, social science, cyber security, law enforcement, defence, and intelligence. We empower them with advanced technology, tools, tradecraft necessary to succeed. These same tools and training are available to our clients.

Sapper investigates Foreign Ownership Control and Influence (FOCI), investment, disinformation, interference and espionage of Canadian industry and academic institutions.


​Sapper Labs is uniquely focused on the pursuit of truth, delivering actionable insights within contested spaces and defending against the World’s greatest threats. Sapper Labs donates technology and training in support of human rights and for the investigation of war crimes globally.


Sapper Labs is supported by an extensive network of trusted expertise and partnerships.

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