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Exclusive Products

Advanced OSINT and Cyber Defence Products for Governments, NGO’s, Enterprise and Critical Infrastructure. We seek to understand the truth and provide data driven insights and capabilities that enable decisive action for any industry.

Sapper’s products are currently being leveraged in critical functions across thirty (30) countries by human rights investigators, law enforcement, security organizations, government agencies, regulatory bodies, NGOs, and some of the world’s largest enterprises. Our evidence collection product is widely used in human rights investigations globally. 


Sapper Labs develops, deploys, operates and maintains an advanced global intelligence infrastructure that securely captures and correlates numerous heterogeneous (structured and unstructured) global sources of data-at-scale and in real-time within secure clouds.


Globally relevant, open-source intelligence and investigative toolset that is setting the standard.

Sapper Labs integrated investigative and intelligence tools into a unified environment supported by workflow engines and process orchestration. Our Hunchly product is a de facto global standard for online investigation. Hunchly automatically collects, documents, and annotates every web page you visit. Never forget to screenshot again. This inline evidence capture tool is designed for producing court-ready materials. Hence, Hunchly is used by tens of thousands of users in law enforcement, cyber security, journalism, and human rights organizations in over 79 countries. Hunchly Replay (2024) will bring real-time collaboration, Dagger integration, and enhanced evidence capture.

For more information about our Hunchly Product or to download your copy, visit



VPN’s aren’t secure for investigative tasks. CLOAK is a simplified, trusted and secure analytic environment for any professional.

Sapper Labs develops ground-breaking privacy enhancing technology. We’ve built a trusted sovereign secure cloaked analytical environment for on-line individual privacy, managed attribution, collection, source management and persistent engagement that enables analysts to covertly interrogate, investigate and Illuminate adversary activity. Secure, private, ephemeral networks deployed with a comprehensive and flexible investigative desktop…at the push of a button. Cloak is a secure containerized and collaborative analyst workspace bundled with investigative tools. It provides optional on-demand, secure, anonymized, ingress and egress to the workspace. Integration for launching a one-click investigative environment from any cyber security or OSINT system or Darkweb/ Darkspace infrastructure. Cloak is designed to enhance privacy, forensic evidence collection and replace VPNs, local VMs and a host of other redundant and impractical tools. Cloak will use current and next-generation Hunchly products and can be bolted onto Dagger for secure access. The system is made-in-Canada and consistent with Canadian values and laws.



Expert Intelligence Application.

Dagger is an expert Intelligence app that integrates with existing intelligence analytical platforms to provide investigative recommendations based on the experience of Subject Matter Experts, training materials, existing knowledge bases and live investigative data streaming into the system. 



Sapper is developing exciting new Financial Intelligence Products that will streamline current processes for antiquated background checks and validation of organisations, individuals and their investors.  Leveraging our core intelligence platform, Sapper Labs will provide automated, high-quality financial intelligence reports to the market in a fraction of the time.



Experts in cyber defence threats building Active Cyber Defence platforms to enable security operator capacity against the world’s most advanced adversary. Advanced protection for people, networks, platforms and supply chains. 

Sapper Labs has developed active cyber defence capability and conducted broad spectrum cyber missions for some of world’s most demanding organizations for over 25 years. The Sapper team has deep insights and understanding through execution of these missions, gaining full understanding of the increasing complexity of cyber technology and advanced threats that exceed human capacity to maintain pace.


We are operators that understand the real threats. The lessons learned have produced advanced active cyber platform designs built upon next-generation Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capability.


Sapper Labs offers tailored made active cyber defence platforms to protect any IT network, operational technology or military/industrial platform or advanced customer requirement. Leveraging this advanced platform capability, organizations are able to streamline security operations in threat hunting, vulnerability management, incident response, and security operations automation. The system integrates: Endpoint detection and response capability (EDR), Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Security information and event management (SIEM), Extended detection and response (XDR) technology and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) with Threat Hunting capabilities to extend human operator capabilities. Do more with less. 

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